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Cover Agency, Ltd. is a wholesale specialty insurance agency, providing admitted insurance, and excess insurance and surplus insurance company markets, on a wholesale insurance brokerage basis. We pay excellent commissions to insurance broker and insurance agency clients. We market wholesale property and casualty insurance, including a substantial number of specialty insurance classes. We invite inquiries from insurance brokers and insurance agents, and insurance companies. 

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October 18, 2013

Cover Agency, Ltd is having a Blow-Out  20% Maximum Commission sale.

We have " automated, online binding and policy issue authority"  in our office for most listed programs!  All programs are from  "highly rated" insurance companies.

1. Cover's  pays up to 20% insurance broker commission for the following insurance products:

a. Professional Liability Insurance - 400 classes pay 20% Commission..

b. Digital Technology Industry E & O / MPL Package.Risks from potential service responsibilities, product liability, & IT / network risk exposures - 20% Commission

c. Directors & Officers Liability Insurance - 20% Commission

d. Employment Practices Liability Insurance - 20% Commission

e. For-Profit & Non-Profit Companies: Management Liability Insurance Package ( Optional Crime & Fiduciary Liability Insurance):  20% Commission

f. Environmental Liability Insurance - 20% Commission

g. "Environmental Contractor" Liability Package: General Liability + Contractors Pollution Liability +Professional Liability: 20% Commission

h. "Environmental Engineer & Consultant" Pkg of GL + CPL + PL: 20% Commission

i. "Alternative Energy Contractor & Consultant" Pkg of GL + CPL + PL:

 20% Commission

j. International Executive & Professionals Travel Insurance  (Includes Kidnap + Repatriation + Medical + AD&D + Concierge Services + GL + Excess Auto Liability + Property  Insurance) Pkg:            20% Commission

k. International Business Insurance: (( GL (Includes Products Liability + Completed Operations Liability + Excess Auto) + Property (Inventory, Equipment, Real Estate, Travel Property) + Voluntary Workers Compensation + Employee Medical/AD&D/Kidnap Insurance + Ocean Marine)):   20% Commission

l. Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance - 18% Commission

m. Commercial Excess Liability Insurance - 18% Commission

n. Superior BOP Insurance - 18% Commission

Sale notes and conditions:

            i. Cover Agency, Ltd is licensed property and casualty producer in:

            CT, IL, IN, NJ, NY, OH.

            iii. Policy commissions separately determined for each policy by Cover Agency, Ltd. Commission sale rates subject to withdrawal, or change, without prior     notice. option.

Contact Priscilla Li, Vice President for additional information:

July 1, 2013

Extra, Extra. Cover Agency is pleased to introduce its New:


If a company does business in foreign countries, whether manufacturer,wholesaler, retailer, architect, accountant,
engineer, law firm, business consultant or lots more, - An international employee travel and company policy is essential to not only success, BUT EVEN SURVIVAL.



January 12, 2013 - February 28,2013

We are please to introduce our Commission Sale: Many products On Sale:

 Wholesale International Insurance |  Business Travel Insurance

program to our independent correspondent brokers in our entire 5 state region.
You will be surprised how many of your business insurance clients really need this low cost international business insurance and travel insurance package.

Commission Sale, paying commissions up to 16% for Travel and Business International Insurance qualified coverages (To January 30). Cover Agency's Automated "Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue" program can provide you with a quote and binder in by 10 AM, out by 5 PM, most days, or next day. Our Business Resource Policy and Extensions provides more extensive, broader coverages for your client who needs it.

Management liability insurance package; you select: substantial employee crime coverages available, EPLI, D & O, Fiduciary; automated up to 18% commission; high quality companies

Professional liability insurance, including "Design and Build" professionals such as Architects, engineers; surveyors, appraisers, environmental contractors, internet technology companies, 900 + classes of professional liability insurance. 400 hundred automated up to 18% commission; Also professional liability + general liability + excess liability insurance packages. High quality companies

Medical facilities: Low cost packaged, malpractice  liability insurance +general liability+excess liability (Or separately)  with up to 13% commission;  up to18% commission  for packaged: crime & employee fidelity & computer crime insurance + employment practices liability cover  + Directors  & Officers protection + Fiduciary liability; Superior BOP property &  general liability + automatically 29 additional coverages packaged "Cheap". High quality companies.

Non-profit management liability package, including EPLI + crime & fidelity protection against employee & management theft + computer crime coverages + directors' & officers' insurance protection against personal liability + fiduciary coverage; up to 18% commission (with lots of client protection coverages). High quality companies.

Environmental - pollution liability insurance: contractors packages and subcontractors coverage too; environmental site premises & buildings coverage;manufacturer-wholesaler-retailer pollution risk coverages; service stations with underground tanks covered, etc; up to 15% commission. High quality companies.

Environmental - pollution liabilityProfessional liability insurance, including design and build professional: engineers, consultants, architects, etc; up to 15%commission.

Environmental - pollution liability - Underground & above ground tanks;automated up to 15% commission. High quality company.

Motor truck cargo insurance, including refrigerated truck cargo;  automated up to18% commission. High quality companies.

Commercial umbrella & excess liability insurance; low cost, automated up to17% commission. High quality companies.

Superior BOP; cheap, cheap, wow!  Broad coverages, high limits options, 29 additional coverage supplementary benefits built in; Customers will appreciate you! High quality company; up to 18% commission.

New Program: Very High Limits Disability Income & Lump Sum DisabilityPayment Insurance for executives,  physicians, athletes, entertainers, etc. 
Excess coverage, layered above existing disability insurance. 
Includes permanent  & temporary total disability Plus lump sum paymentbuy-sell & key person disability, critical asset protection, Accidental death, Available: US & Internationally.

International (including warehouse to warehouse contents itself coverage) Ocean & Inland Marine; up to 13% commission.

IT security, data protection insurance; broad protection for companies using the internet, media design websites + other media work, data base, programming, etc; up to 18% commission.

HIPAA liability coverage for medical facilities & physicians federal + state liability, including data protection & IT security, up to 18% commission.

Superior artisan liability & property package; up to 18% commission

Food industry, including supermarkets, etc. up to 13% commission.

Wood industry, lumber yards, cabinet makers, carpentry shops, furniture, doors & window manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers etc. up to 13% commission.

January 2, 2013
We are having a multistate commission sale, providing 
up to

18%  Commissions, for a number of popular property and casualty business insurance plans.

For Brokers who market BOPs, we are pleased to present the Superior BOP.
A quote for a Superior BOP is usually sufficient to please your client and obtain the request to Bind!

Check out your state's webpage to obtain the BOP Quote sample link to one of the HOTTEST BOP insurance programs in the industry.

In addition, we are providing: Automated "Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue" Insurance
plans to assist our brokers, in Promptly quoting and binding their clients insurance coverage. 
Most of the Automated "Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue" Insurance Plans provide up to 18% Commission.

Dec 5, 2012- We have now added Indiana as an additional state we do business in; 5 total now: Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and New York. Check available insurance plans list at http://covermultistate.com  .

December 5, 2012 - Homeowner's Insurance available in New York. We have several markets, 
a Homeowner Insurance market  with  NO 2% -5% SECOND WIND/HURRICANE DEDUCTIBLE!


November 21, 2012
Cover Agency is pleased to announce the addition of Indiana to our list of doing business states.
Here are links to our 5 state products descriptions.  Note that the popular Superior BOP and our Automated Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue programs are available in all 5 states:

Cover Connecticut Insurance Products

Cover Illinois Insurance Products
Cover Indiana Insurance Products
Cover Ohio Insurance Products
Cover New York Insurance Products 

November 12, 2012
New Superior BOP product is one of the most competitive BOP/Package programs we have seen. High Property Limit $5,000,000 per location, may additional coverages automatically included, very low premium, High Liability Limits, Go To: 
Superior BOP Information and Superior BOP Sample Quotes .

Special Generous  Commission Sale to Introduce this Program

November 10,2012
We are pleased to introduce our Multistate Website, that lists focused multistate programs, by state:
http://covermultistate.com . Covermultistate.com initially includes: Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, and New York.

We are also pleased to provide special coverages and generous commissions for our new
Superior BOP Program. The Superior BOP plan is available now in our entire multistate business
area: Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, New York. 

October 26, 2012

Cover Agency is now licensed to do Wholesale Insurance in: Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut and New York. We are celebrating, and want to introduce Cover Agency to new brokers in Connecticut, Illinois, and Ohio. Substantial commissions, up to 17% for CT, IL, OH new producer-brokers, for approved plans, paid insurance. For details email your Individual & Company Names, business address, phone numbers, email address, and license to: bonus@coveragency.biz .

For a list of Connecticut, Illinois, and Ohio available insurance programs, go to: multistate plans.
Questions - Contact: Priscilla Li, Vice President or (347) 886-9778.

October 23,2012- Cover Agency is pleased to announce we are now licensed in Connecticut. Initially we are opening up the following products to Connecticut brokers:

a. Strong, Superior BOP plan

b. Thirteen Automated, "Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue" insurance plans

c. Environmental Pollution  Insurance plans

d. Medical Facilities
(i) Comprehensive Liability Insurance and (ii) Comprehensive Property Insurance planse.

e. Life Sciences Industry Insurance - Property and Liability Insurance Packages

Technology Industry Insurance, Digital Technology Industry Packages and IT Security- Data Protection plans.

October 8, 2012 - Cover Agency introduces the
If you want a superior BOP program with unusual features that will help sell more insurance, the STRONG BOP is probably just what you are looking for: Link: STRONG BOP $5,000,000 Property, $4,000,000 Liability & lots more advantages!

September 18, 2012 -
New LOW COST, Automated, "Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue"
Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance & Excess Liability Insurance - 400 Classes. Additional 500 Classes with "Diligent Quote and Bind" Service. Commission Bonus when simultaneously placed with Professional Liability or Management Liability Insurance (EPLI, Directors & Officers, Crime, Fiducary),  or Data Privacy & IT Security, or Truck Insurance.

Find it at: Truck, Limousine  or Commercial Auto Links.
August 27, 2012 - Great News. More Coverages For Contractors. 
New Environmental Insurance Packages to serve Contractors, Engieers, Consultants, and Other Companies that are exposed to Environmental Liability or Pollution Risk. Detailed information is available at Environmental Insurance Packages .
Note: Remember the

Automated "Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue" Insurance Plans INCLUDE Underground / Above Ground Tank Insurance.
August 22, 2012 - Available Now - Expanded markets for
Artisan Contractors Liability Insurance and Property Insurance; Check out our 35 available Artisan Classes. New Ventures will be considered too.
 August 22, 2012  - We are also introducing our  
Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance Plans
 for Both General Contractors and Environmental Contractors. Pollution Liability Insurance is growing in demand. Discuss it with your contractor clients. Removal of asbestos and other pollution problems is generally NOT covered by standard Contractor Liability Insurance. 
August 18,2012 Cover Agency adds 2 new Medical Facilities Insurance Packages and a Life Sciences Industry Insurance Package from an A+ Insurance Company These "Diligent" underwriting insurance products are AUGUST - SEPTEMBER ON SALE COMMISSION PRODUCTS  :

Medical Facilitiess Comprehensive "Liabiity Risk"  Insurance Package  

2. Medical Facilities Comprehensive "Property Risk"  Insurance Package

3. Customized "Life Sciences" Industry Insurance Package

August 9, 2012  
FOUR  Hot News Announcements here.- 
" product. Submitted applications will be quoted and underwritten automatically. However, a "Second Manual Underwriting Review" will be made to all submissions that don't fit the automated underwriting guidelines. 
This is an  August "On Commission Sale" - Substantial Commission Product . 
Contact Priscilla Li, VP  or call Office: (718) 591-2400 or Direct: (347) 886-9778 with your inquiries. We want your Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Business! 

2. August 9, 2012 -
New 12 Monthly Payments Homeowner Insurance Plan, with Direct Billing and No Second Deductible for Wind and Hurricane Peril. Only 15% Down Payment. A+ Rated Company. 
This is an  August "On Commission Sale" - Substantial Commission Product . 
Contact Priscilla Li, VP  or call Office: (718) 591-2400 or Direct: (347) 886-9778 with your inquiries. We want your Homeowner Insurance Business! 

3. August 9, 2012 - Automation Service has arrived at Cover Agency. Our New DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS LIABILITY INSURANCE PACKAGE
 is an AUTOMATED "PROMPT QUOTE, BIND, and ISSUE" product. Submitted applications will be quoted and underwritten automatically. However, a "Second Manual Underwriting Review" will be made to all submissions that don't fit the automated underwriting guidelines.
This is an  August "On Commission Sale" - Substantial Commission Product .
Contact Priscilla Li, VP  or call Office: (718) 591-2400 or Direct: (347) 886-9778 with your inquiries. We want your Technology Insurance Business! 

4. August 9, 2012 - NEW TREMENDOUS  DEMAND "

http://www.itsecurity.cc    and    http://www.dataprotection.ws 

These are August "On Commission Sale" - Substantial Commission Products with Very Competitve

Premium Pricing and Terms.
 Contact Priscilla Li, VP  or call Office: (718) 591-2400 or Direct: (347) 886-9778 with your inquiries. We want your Technology Insure business!

July 20, 2012 - Free Marketing Support for Producer Brokers. Cover Agency has begun a Pilot Program, providing free marketing materials to Retail Brokers; materials can be distributed to possible customers. Materials can be identified with the Retail Broker's Company for customer contact. We will assist our brokers efforts to increase their commissions. For additional information contact: 

Norman Carniol, CEO at Office: 718-591-2400, Cell: 347-551-0800 , or

Priscilla Li, VP at Office: 718-591-2400, or Cell: 347-886-9778

July 2, 2012 - Hot new BOP Insurance Program and Business Package Insurance Programs, available for lots of different types of businesses, including RESTAURANTS, Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturers, Professionals, Health Providers;

Look up as Business Owner Policies above.

June 9, 2012 – We have expanded into China, with additional Ocean Marine and Inland Marine markets. Cover Agency’s facilities can now place “Warehouse to Warehouse”, Ocean and Inland Marine insurance for American Companies doing business either “inside China” or “to and from China”. These marine coverages can include China located warehouse to warehouse insurance (including temporary warehouse storage), as well as the Ocean (Including Air) to and from China. Of course, storage of goods in warehouses outside of China can also be insured. Contact Priscilla Li , or Norman Carniol, for additional information.   Priscilla Direct: Email Priscilla  (347) 886 – 9778;  Office: (718) 591 - 2400

June 9, 2012 – If you do insurance business in Asia and/or China, remember that Priscilla Li speaks, reads, and writes Chinese (Mandarin), and English. Language assistance can be made available to clients. She is also knowledgeable about doing business in other countries in Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma). Chinese language skills are sometimes helpful, though many business people speak English too.

June 9, 2012 – High Quality, Admitted Commercial Property Insurance markets expansion is under way.

New “All Risk”, Very Competitive market (From both a premium and coverage viewpoint) for many properties
including, but not limited to:

Healthcare Facilities,

Real Estate,

Condominium Associations,



Education, and

International Properties.

Note: Property “Under Construction” and “Boiler and Machinery” coverage may both be included too.

For Valuable Property Insurance Coverages Details Go To: Terrific Property Coverages

Program available now.

For Additional Information, Contact:

Priscilla Li

Vice President

Cover Agency, Ltd

Email: priscillali@coveragency.biz


Direct: 347-886-9778

Office: 718-591-2400

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