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IT Security and Data Privacy Insurance

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Data Privacy and

Network Liability  Breach Insurance

Any small or middle market company that receives (or stores information) is at risk of having a money judgment for 6 to 8 figures rendered against them, for breach of their obligations to customers or employees to protect private or personal  information (data or written) from being disclosed or provided to third parties.

Some of the basic coverages for an insurance program designed to protect from liability judgments small and middle market companies are essential for companies involved directly (or indirectly) in receiving, or storing, information such as:

i. Sensitive customer or employee information

ii. Third party corporate information (Or other entity)

iii. Using or managing a computer network

iv. Maintaining or building a website.

The Privacy Liability and Network Liability Insurance Policy provides important Insurance protection and coverages against a variety of relevant perils, that  include:

1. Privacy Liability Breaches  Insurance  which will require Privacy Liabiity and Network Liability Insurance; it can provide insurance against:

                a. Losses resulting from the company's failure to protect sensitive, third party,   personal or        corporate information.

                b. Coverage against government agency regulatory claims alleging violation of   any state, federal, or foreign identity theft or privacy protection laws or regulations.

2. Data Breach Insurance: Coverage for the expenses of determining the extent of a data breach, including the expense of retaining the services of a computer forensics  company, further compliance  with privacy regulations, including the cost of notification, providing credit monitoring services to affected individuals, legal expenses, public relations and other crisis management services for the purpose of  restoring the business's  reputation in the eyes of the public and the company's clients.

3. Network Security Liability InsuranceProvides liability insurance protection for the company arising from the failure of network security, against such perils as: unauthorized access or unauthorized use of corporate systems, a denial of service attack, and malicious code transmission.

4. Internet Media Liability Insurance: Coverage against copyright and trademark infringement, invasion of privacy, slander, libel, plagiarism, and negligence; said injury may arise from the company's internet website content.

5. Network Extortion Threat Insurance: Provides coverage  indemnifying against extortion of money and related expenses arising from a criminal behavior including threats to  release sensitive information or bring down a network.

6. Additional Important Information:

            a.  Companies of all sizes may be considered for this policy.

            b. Both customer and employee information may be covered under the Privacy Coverage.

            c. Personal information in data format and any other format are covered against security breaches. Both           network and non-network security breaches can be insured against.

            d. Data breach coverages provide indemnification of expenses can include both voluntary notification            expenses and consumer notification regulations and laws of the most appropriate jurisdiction.

            e. No coinsurance requirements or retention requirements are incorporated in the policy.

           f. Insurance is intended to include coverage for the latest regulations of regulatory authorities and                                          statutes.

            For more detailed information, and a Privacy Liability and Network Security  Insurance quote, request or                          download an application:

          Contact Information For Inquiries:

          Priscilla  Li, Vice President
          Property and Casualty Broker
          Cover Agency, Ltd


          Direct: (347) 886-9778

          Office: (718) 591-2400

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