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Fidelity Insurance, Crime Insurance 
New Automated Services Announcement:
"Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue" Insurance Plans"

Cover Agency, Ltd. is pleased to market an
Additional Crime Insurance Program

 Special "Fidelity Insurance, Theft Insurance,

 & Crime Insurance Package Policy"

The Fidelity-Crime Insurance Package Policy can Provide

 Substantial Theft Insurance Protection to a Business.


Fidelity/Crime Insurance  Coverages include:


a.   Employee Theft of Company Property

b.   Employee Theft of Customer Property

c.   Leased Employees Coverage

d.   Officers and Directors (Non-compensated Directors too)

e.   Volunteers

f.    Employee Company Benefit Programs (Required to be bonded for ERISA)

g.   Theft, Disappearance, Destruction

h.   Forgery and Alteration of: Company Checks, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.

i.    Forgery and Alteration of Personal Accounts Covered (Includes Employee Theft).

j.    Money and Securities Insurance Coverage, both inside and outside the company premises (Including cash, checks, money orders, stocks, bonds, other securities).

k.   Robbery

l.    Safe Burglary

m.  Counterfeit: Money & Money Orders

n.   Currency of Any Country

o.   Computer Fraud

p.   Funds Transfer Fraud

q.   Wire Transfer Fraud (Combined with computer fraud)

r.    Tangible Property (Not defined as money or securities, inside & outside premises).


Important Note: In order to successfully bid for some types of contracts, companies frequently require bidders to purchase insurance cover as described herein. Protection from employee dishonesty by insured’s employees is frequently required.


Many businesses (Many Industries) qualify for the Fidelity Insurance, Theft Insurance, & Crime Insurance Package Policy:

1.       Service providers

2.      Distributors

3.      Wholesalers

4.      Manufacturers

5.      Computer Technology Industry

6.      Temporary Agencies

7.      Membership Organizations

8.     Trade Associations

9.      Consulting firms


Custom Tailored Broad Crime Insurance Coverages are possible, with many optional crime insurance coverages.

Note: We can provide insurance that will often enable a business to raise additional working capital. Check out the Credit Insurance, and Merger and Acquisition Insurance.

For Answers to Your Questions, and Applications, please contact:

Greenpoint Agency, Inc.

Priscilla Li
Vice President
Property and Casualty Insurance Broker
Bilingual: English and Chinese

Phone Direct: (347) 886 - 9778

 Email: priscillali@greenpointagency.info

Norman M. Carniol, Esq.
Property and Casualty Insurance Broker

Phone Direct: (347) 551 - 0800


Executive Offices:
Phone: (718) 591 - 2400
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Flushing, Queens, New York 11366


Fidelity Insurance, Theft Insurance, Crime Insurance Package Policy

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