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Business Insurance Plans

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Automated Commercial Insurance Types:

 1. Professional Liability Insurance: Hundreds of types of  companies and  professions, including (But not limited to):

 A. Technology Industry - Comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance for Technology Products & Services, plus Network Security & Privacy Liability Protection fo Confidential Data Insured's Systems  Package (Can Include Technology and Internet Errors & Omissions  Liability Coverage for Both Technology Services and Sale of Technology Products)


        B. Educators Legal Liability Insurance for -

                             i.  Public Schools

                             ii. Private Schools

                             iii.  Charter Schools

                             iv. Vocational Schools

                             v.  Community College

                             vi. District programs

        C. Public Entity Liability Insurance and "employment practices liability" coverages for both public officials and -

                             i. Most Public Entities -Municipalities, Special                                                   Districts, Groups.

                             ii. Their Officials

                             iii. Employees

                             iv. Boards

                             v. Commissions

Management Liability Insurance, including:

        A. For -Profit Management Liability Insurance Package;                                    from the simple to the most complex companies, with restrictions.                 No minimum premium.

                    i. Protects against:

                                       a. Management Liability - Directors, Officers                                             and Organization Liability

                                      b. Employment Practices Liability - includes                                             third party coverage, including up to additional                                                         $1 million of defense cost cover.

                                      c. Fiduciary Liability - includes Voluntary                                                                 Compliance and Delinquent Filer Penalties

                                      d. Crime Coverages, including fidelity insurance

                             ii. Protected parties are:

                                      a. Companies

                                      b. Subsidiaries

                                      c. Directors

                                      d. Officers

                                      e. Executives

                                      f. Fiduciaries 

                                      g. Employees

                   B. Not-For-Profit Management Liability Insurance                                           Package -  designed for not-for-profit organizations;                                         includes broad packaged liability insurance coverages and                                 non-rescindable, non-cancellable. No minimum premium.                         

                             i. Protects against:

                                       a. Directors, Officers, & Organization                                                                        Liability -Management Liability

                                      b. Employment Practices Liability (Includes                                               third parties)

                                      c. Fiduciary Liability (Includes Voluntary                                                                   Compliance and Delinquent Filer Penalties                                                             coverage)

                                      d. Crime Coverages

                                      e. HIPAA fines and penalties coverage                                                                             (Policy Endorsement).

                             ii. Protected parties are

                                      a. Directors

                                      b. Officers

                                      c. Organizations

                             ii. Organization types include:

                                      a. Charities

                                      b. Foundations

                                      c. Professional Associations

                                      d. Advocacy Organizations

                                      e. Religious Organizations

                                      f. Trade Associations

                                      g. Social Welfare Organizations

                                      h.  Healthcare Institutions

     3. Employment Practices Liability Insurance

     4. Fiduciary Liability Insurance

     5. Crime Insurance - Fidelity Insurance

     6. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance                                              

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance provides coverage for a broad variety               of motor truck cargo perils and exposures, on a legal liability basis.

                   i. Insurance coverage for Physical Damage and Direct Loss                                     of Cargo. Additional coverage for Earned Freight Charges,                                   Debris Removal Expense, Pollutant Clean Up and Removal                   Expenses Protection for  Covered Property from Further                           Damage, and Miscellaneous Equipment.

                   ii. Coverage for both Contract Carriers and Common                               Carriers.

                   iii.  Coverage may also be written for Specified Shippers,                          Terminals and Trailer Interchange.

                  iv. Many types of Products; insurance for both Non-Refrigerated                                and Refrigerated Truck transportation,                                                               including:

                             a. Agricultural Products

                             b.  Auto Haulers

                             c. Baled Cotton

                             d. Building Material

                             e. Commodities

                             f. Containerized Freight

                             g. Containers

                             h. Contractors' Equipment

                             i. Dry Grocery  Goods

                             j. Frozen Foods

                             k. General Merchandise

                             l. Lumber

                             m. Machinery (Both Light and Heavy)

                             n. Meat and Poultry

                             o. Oilfield Equipment

                             p. Paper Products

              q. Plastics Products

                             r. Steel

                             s. Walmart & Target Goods

        8. Environmental / Pollution Insurance: Underground Tanks and Above               Ground Tanks Liability Insurance.

                   i. Insurance Description

                              a. A Commercial underground and aboveground                                     storage tank insurance combined in one policy.

                             b. Third-party bodily injury and property damage                                                        claims resulting from storage tank incidents involving                                                scheduled storage tanks.

                             c. Corrective action insurance, covering costs                                                  resulting from storage tank incidents involving                                                      scheduled storage tanks.

For Additional Information & Applications - Contact:

Priscilla Li

      Vice President
     Cover Agency, Ltd 

     Office: (718) 591-2400

    Direct: (347) 551-0800

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