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Optimum All RiskProperty Insurance Plan

Property Insurance for:

  • Healthcare facilities. From offices to hospitals.
  • Commercial and Professional Real Estate (Including Condominium Associations)
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Education
  • International Properties affiliated with American companies

Note: Insurer will consider customizing insurance coverages

 to fit the needs of many types of companies.


Flexible All Risk Property Insurance

Can Provide Many Features Of Property Coverage:

  1. Tailored Property Insurance may include:

  1. Substantial coverage for a variety of loss expenses, such as:

                                                            i.      Business interruption cover with dual definitions; insured choice at time of claim

                                                           ii.      Ordinary payroll

                                                        iii.      Reconstruction on a different site

                                                        iv.      Replacement cost coverage for electronic data processing equipment

                                                           v.      Cost of demolition and reconstruction of the undamaged part of a building

                                                        vi.      Debris Removal

                                                      vii.      Computer Virus

                                                   viii.      Capital Expenditures

  1. Policy coverage either built in or endorsed for:

                                                             i.      Boiler and Machinery

                                                           ii.      Flood

                                                        iii.      Earth Movement

                                                        iv.      Fungus Mold or Mildew

                                                           v.      Expediting Expenses

  1. Comprehensive coverage may include:

                                                             i.      Underground Property

                                                           ii.      Foundations

                                                        iii.      Agreed Amount with No Co-insurance Penalty

  1. Additional coverage endorsements may include:

                                                             i.      Property Removed From Described Locations

                                                           ii.      Protection and Preservation of Property

                                                        iii.      Fire fighting expenses and materials

                                                        iv.      Land and water cleanup

                                                           v.      Roadway and pavement expense

                                                        vi.      Demolition, increased construction cost

                                                      vii.      Computer system data and media

                                                   viii.      Accounts receivables

                                                        ix.      Valuable papers

                                                           x.      Acquisition of new property

                                                        xi.      Errors and omissions

                                                      xii.      Transit

                                                   xiii.      Fungus, mildew, mold

                                                   xiv.      Professional fees

                                                      xv.      Expediting expenses

                                                   xvi.      Legal compliance expenses

                                                 xvii.      Plants, trees, shrubs

                                              xviii.      Reward for arson and theft

                                                   xix.      Locks and keys

                                                      xx.      Money and securities

                                                   xxi.      Tenant’s legal liability

                                                 xxii.      Soft costs

                                              xxiii.      Off premises services

                                              xxiv.      Research and development

                                                 xxv.      Tax treatment

                                              xxvi.      Civil authority

                                            xxvii.      Ask us!

Contact Priscilla Li, Vice President with your inquiries at:

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Direct Phone: (347) 886 – 9778

Office: (718) 591 - 2400

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