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Available: Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, New York


 Property Limits may be as much as $5,000,000 "Per Location"

Liability Limits up to $2,000,000 / $4,000,000 considered.

These unusual BOP Limits may eliminate the need for obtaining an Excess Liability Policy. (Although we have middle market Prompt Excess Liability or Umbrella Liability policy with additional limits up to $5,000,000; higher limits are also available in our Diligent program. It is underwritten quickly using our Automated, "Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue" Program with Generous Commissions.)

Superior BOP Insurance Company Rated:   "A" by A.M. Best

Substantial Commissions and Personalized Service.


Example of BOP Low Cost Quote  (Actually written):

Business Type: Tailoring and Dress Making Establishment and Alterations

NY Policy Premium:  $500 plus taxes surcharges 6.25 = $506.25

Note: Most issued policies are true middle market insureds. This is a minimum premium policy, used to emphasize the low cost for liability and the long menu of additional coverages generally available.


Example Basic Coverages                                           Common Limits of Insurance

                                                                                   (Refer to policy declarations  for policy limits)

Liability Limit:                                                              $1,000,000 per Occurrence

Medical Expense:                                                       $10,000 per person

Damages to Premises Rented To You:                        $50,000 Any One Premises

Aggregate Other Than Products / Completed Operations: $2,000,000

Aggregate Products / Completed Operations:                 $2,000,000

Two locations (Minimum property coverages in this example. Maximum coverages would be $5,000,000 per each location.)

Location 1: Business Personal Property                         $3,000

Location 2: Business Personal Property                         $2,000

Additional Coverage Extensions:


1. Accounts Receivable                                              On Premises $10,000

                                                                                   Off Premises $5,000

2. Additional Debris Removal                                    $25,000

3. Appurtenant Structures                                         $15,000                           

4. Bail Bonds                                                          $1,000

5. Business Income From Dependent Properties            $10,000

6. Business Income Ordinary Payroll                          60 Days following loss

7. Computer Fraud                                                   $5,000

8. Computer Interrruption                                          $10,000

9. Crisis Containment                                                 $2,000

10. Electronic Data                                                    $15,000

11. Employee Dishonesty                                           $25,000

12. Fire Department Service Charge                            $25,000

13. Fire Extinguisher Recharge                                     $10,000

14. Forgery or Alteration                                             $2,500

15. Fungi, Dry Rot, Bacteria                                        $15,000

16. Increased Cost of  Construction                              $25,000

17. Interruption of Computer Operations                       $15,000

18. Lock and Key Replacement                                     $2,000

19. Lost Wages - Claims Investigation                          $250 per day

20. Money and Securities                                           On premises $5,000

                                                                              Off premises $2,000

21. Money orders and Counterfeit Money                      $2,000

22. Newly Acquired Property                                       Building $500,000

                                                                               Personal Property $250,000

23. Outdoor Property                                                  $2,500 ($500 any one plant)

24. Outdoor Signs                                                       $15,000

25. Personal Effects                                                     $10,000

26. Personal Property Off Premises                                 $10,000

27. Pollution Clean-up                                                   $25,000

28. Valuable Papers                                                      On premises $10,000

                                                                                  Off premises  $5,000

29. Water Back Up                                                       $2,000

Sublimit: Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption                      $2,000 (One location only with 5% deductible. )                                                    

Terrorism Risk Insurance Act Coverage                            Included

Property Deductible                                                      $500

Optional Coverage / Glass Deductible                                $500  

This information is only to provide brokers with a general idea as to what types of additional coverages may be included in the BOP automatically.

For additional information, Contact:

Priscilla Li

Vice President

Cover Agency, Ltd

7 Days: (347) 886-9778

Office: (718) 591-2400



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