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Truck Insurance | Commercial Auto Insurance |
Bus | Auto Repair | Business Insurance

Truck Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance,
Auto Repair Business Insurance

Cover Agency  provides superior insurance markets for:

A.  Commercial Autos (Service and Retail -Most Weight Classes).

B. Business Automobile Liability & Physical Damage Insurance. Classes:

          1. Alarm and Alarm System Installation

          2. Beverage Delivery

          3. Building Material Haulers

          4. Cable Installation and Repair

          5. Carpentry and Flooring

          6. Carpet Cleaners

          7. Commercial Building Contractors

          8. Communication Installation and Repair

          9. Courier Services

          10. Driving Schools

          11. Electrical Contractors

          12. Fish and Seafood Delivery

          13. Florist

          14. Food Delivery

          15. Fruit Dealers

          16. Furniture Delivery

          17. Glass Installers

          18. HVAC

          19. Mobile Equipment

          20. Painting Contractor

          21. Plumbing Contractors

          22. Private Passenger Autos (corporately owned)

          23. Ready Mix Concrete

          24. Roofers

          25. Sanitation and Debris Removal

          26. Swimming Pool Cleaners

          27. Towing Vehicles

C. Truckers Liability and Physical Damage
          a. Local Truckers (50 mile radius)

          b. Intermediate Truckers (200 mile radius)

          c. Sand and Gravel Haulers

          d. Household Movers - Local & Intermediate

          e. Mail Delivery

D. Bus Insurance (School Bus, Motorcoach, Transit & Intercity)

1)     Commercial Auto Liability (High Limits Available)

2)   Physical Damage

3)   General Liability

4)   Garage Liability

5)    Garage keepers Legal Liability

E. Limousine Insurance

          a. Commercial Auto Liability Insurance - Liability limits up to   $5,000,000 or more

          b. Physical Damage

          c. General Liability Insurance

E. Garage Liability and Garagekeepers’ Legal Liability

1)     Auto Repair

2)   Body and Fender

3)   Glass Shops

4)   Muffler and Brake Shops

5)    Parking Garages

6)   Service Stations

7)    Service Stations with Convenience  Stores

8)   Tire Sales and Repair

9)   Towing Services

10)                        Transmission Shops

11) Truck Repair

F. Garage Liability and Dealers Open Lot
          i.  Used Car Dealers - Retail & Wholesale

          ii. Dealer and Transporter Plates

G. Truck Cargo Insurance

  1. Owned Property
  2. Non-owned Property 
  3. Non-collected Freight Charges 
  4. Loading and Unloading 
  5. Mechanical Breakdown
  6. Automatic Temperature Control Unit Failure
  7. Unattached Trailers  (Limited Coverage)


H. Van Pool Transportation  (Corporation, Owner Operator, Public Fleets)

          i. Vehicle Liability Insurance - Liability limits up to $5,000,000 +

          ii. Physical Damage Insurance

          iii. Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage

          iv. Medical Payments

I. Explosives  Insurance Products

1)     For Manufacturers, Distributors, Transporters, Contractors (Drilling & Blasting) - Casualty Insurance.

2)   General Liability - Limits $1,000,000 / $2,000,000

3)   Commercial  Automobile - Limits $1,000,000  Combined Single Limit

4)   Excess Liability - Maximum Coverage $9,000,000.

J. Automobile Rental Agency Insurance Program

          1. Competitive Insurance Rates

          2. Flexible Commercial Automobile Insurance Coverage

          3. Independent & Franchised rental car agencies

          4. Auto body and Repair Shop Rental Cars Program

          5. Broad Coverages

                   i. Auto Liability

                   ii. Comprehensive & Collision

                   iii. General Liability


K.  Miscellaneous Coverages

          i.  Auto Physical Damage

          ii. Trailer Interchange

For a Prompt Quote, Application Forms, Answers to your questions, Contact:

Priscilla Li

Vice President

Cover Agency, Ltd.

Email: priscillali@covergency.biz


Direct: 347-886-9778

Office: 718-591-2400


179-14 Union Turnpike

Flushing, NY 11366

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