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Credit Insurance

Wholesale Specialty Insurance

The “Business Advantage Credit Insurance” Program

from Cover Agency, Ltd.


The Business Advantage Credit Insurance Program is for:


Component Parts Contractors,

Cyber/Internet Business to Business Industry





Service Companies



 Creditors, &

Third Parties.


“Business Advantage Credit Insurance” can provide Additional Protections Against Loss  to the Insured's Business.

"Additional Protections" refers to our :

1. Custom Made, Tailored Credit Insurance Policies With Flexible Credit Insurance Solutions (Unique may not be impossible), for:

 a. Specific Risks

b. Special Contingencies

c. Specific Markets and Industries

2.       Quadruple "Business Advantage Credit Insurance" Coverage, including:

                a.      Credit Insurance Protection Against Payment Default, for the Business’s Standard 30 to 60 days Accounts Receivables.:

i.                                  Option: Non-Payment Insurance Protection For Extended Receivables Loan Terms  - Credit Insurance Coverage Against Default, up to a maximum of Two Years (possibly more), and

ii.                                 Option: Deposit Refund Insurance Coverage for the Insured Company’s Contractual Deposits paid to suppliers or other third parties, in anticipation of work to be completed or goods to be delivered, in the future (Even installment deliveries).

iii.                               Option:  Custom Made “Work-in-Process”  Insurance Coverage  Against Non-Payment by the Purchaser, for undelivered goods that were  industrial Work in ProcessDefault, at the time of Insolvency or Bankruptcy.

iv. Option: Extended Credit Insurance Policy Term of Two Years  ( Instead One Year).

 3.      Non-Cancellable Credit Insurance, and Country Limits Coverage.

 4.      Worldwide Credit Insurance Coverage Available for International Trade Risks.

 5.      Option: Credit Insurance Discretionary Credit Limit Available,  (with Excess of Loss Policy).

 6.      Option: Specific Buyer (Named Buyer) Cover Available, in lieu of Discretionary Credit Limit.

 7.      Cover Indemnity up to a Maximum of 100%, (when combined with other forms of risk sharing).

 8.     Both Default and Insolvency Perils are Covered.

 9.  Hard To Place Risks Considered For Coverage – Complex Trade Credit Risks, that cross cultural, political, and legal differences will be reviewed and considered. Both in the USA and International Credit Transactions Considered in this context.

 10.   Very Experienced Underwriting Staff , knowledgeable about USA and Global Business Customs, Special Needs,  and Requirements in Credit Insurance.

 11.  Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Protection

 12.  Choose between: Either Solo Credit Insurance Coverage, or Combined Credit Insurance plus Political Risk Insurance Coverage Plans.

13. Highly rated insurance companies.


Contact Us to discuss your particular scenarios and coverage requirements:

Cover Agency, Ltd., Financial Insurance Broker Expertise for

Credit Insurance and Bank Loan Insurance.

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