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The Cover Agency, Ltd. has a number of LOW COST, high quality Lawyer Malpractice insurance programs, available on a wholesale basis for brokers to place business. Our programs are an opportunity to to earn more commissions and provide a superior product to your client, at the right price.

A Sample Quote for a small law firm (Quotes for large law firms are also very competitively priced) is available below.

Some of the features and options (If you don’t see an option, request in writing at time of application) of our Lawyers Malpractice Insurance Program include:

1. Very competitive premiums.

2. Highly rated insurance carriers. Both admitted and non-admitted insurance companies available.

3.  High limits available.

4. Several deductible options available, including zero dollar and aggregate deductibles.

5. Claims expense outside the limits available for most classes.

6. Competitive Plans available for Both Small Law Firms of 1 to 25 attorneys, and Law Larger Law Firms too.

7. Claims made & reported, pay on behalf & duty to defend policy form.

8. Prior acts coverage.

9. Coverage provided for independent contractors and "of counsel".

10. Broad definition of professional legal services; includes notary public, title insurance agent, publication or presentation of research papers or similar materials.

11. Coverage extension for lawful spouse, domestic partner, estate and legal representative.

12. Predecessor firm coverage included.

13. Innocent insured coverage.

14. Worldwide coverage.

15. Automatic 60 day extended reporting period from termination policy endorsement.

16. Optional extended reporting for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and unlimited.

17. Free extended reporting related to death, total & permanent disability in addition to retiring attorneys if insured continuously for 3 years with carrier.

18. Liberal equity interest exclusion.

19. Loss of earnings $500 a day max of $50,000.

20. Disciplinary proceedings $25,000 each insured, max of $100,000.

21. 50% deductible for settlement of mediated claims.

22. Ability to quote from competitors application.

23. Malpractice insurance is available for many law practice specializations.

Note: These are sample coverage options. Each policy is customized, with basic coverages and available options determined by the insurance underwriter.  Request options at time of application.

The following is an abbreviation of an actual lawyers malpractice quote that we bound for a small law firm in New York, with one lawyer and three additional full time personnel. The firm is substantial grossing seven figures.

If you request a quote for a client firm, please recognize that each quote can be different depending upon the variables, such as: type of law practice, number of lawyers, claims history, retroactive date, etc.

We have broad markets and can frequently provide substantial coverage, even to multiple eight figures of liability coverage, at very competitive premium quotes. We can place lawyer malpractice insurance for both small and large firms, with well rated insurance companies, on both an admitted and non-admitted basis.

Sample Lawyer Malpractice Quote:

Lawyer’s Professional Liability

Premium And Coverage Quotation

        Insured Name

Insurance Company:         Admitted

Best’s Rating:                     A- (Excellent) XIII  

Policy Form:                        Claims-Made

Retroactive Date:               Policy Inception                              

Policy Period:                      TBD                 

Lawyer Malpractice Insurance
Sample Quotes

      LiabilityLimits           Deductible  Premium 

   (Claim Expenses Outside Limit)    (Per Claim – Damages Only)

 $500,000/  $1,000,000     $2,500         $1,582


 $1,000,000/$1,000,000     $2,500         $1,710


 $1,000,000/$2,000,000     $2,500          $1,796

Terms & Conditions of this Quotation:

These quotations will be written on __________. policy form _________ and are subject to receipt, review and acceptance of the following:

  1. Application needs to be currently signed & dated by applicant.

Forms and Endorsements:

  1. New York Lawyers Professional Liability Policy
  2. New York Lawyers Professional Liability Policy Declarations
  3. Application and Declaration Page Addendum

 “Adequate limits are the responsibility of the policyholder.”

Please review the policy for actual terms and conditions’

Note: The above is an abbreviated quote with sample coverage options. Each policy is customized, with basic coverages and available options determined by the insurance underwriter.  Request options at time of application.

For additional information and malpractice applications, Contact:

Priscilla Li

Vice President

Cover Agency, Ltd. / Greenpoint Agency, Inc.

Email: priscillali@coveragency.net


Direct: (347) 886 – 9778

Offices: (718) 591 – 2400

Executive Offices:

179-14 Union Turnpike

Flushing, New York 11366

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