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Health Insurance from Greenpoint Agency, Inc.
Critical Illness Insurance , Specified Disease Policy
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

  Critical Illness Insurance pays 100 percent of your maximum benefit amount for the following illnesses and conditions (Pursuant to the policy's requirements and terms.):

a. Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)

b. Life threatening Cancer

c. Alzheimers Disease

d. Stroke

e. Major Organ Transplant

Claims payments are usually income tax free, lump sum benefits (Based upon the amount of benefit purchased for the policy) paid directly to the insured. The insured may use the money at his (her) total discretion, for any desired purpose, such as:

  •  Medical treatment, all or part of which would not otherwise be covered

    by health insurance.

  • Paying the mortgage payments (Or off entirely) or other household bills.

  • Helping a loved one pay for college.

  • Purchasing whatever they wish.

  • Even a vacation.

Greenpoint Agency, Inc. (Cover Agency, Ltd's affiliate company) is a wholesale General Agent for Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. We can provide insurance agents and brokers access to, and marketing support for Mutual of Omaha's low cost, superior Critical Illness Insurance Plan (A specified disease policy).

Top Commissions can be earned by our Critical Illness Insurance brokers and agents. Frequently, life insurance agents for other companies will also sell the Mutual of Omaha Critical Illness Insurance Policy (To help the insured while living) simultaneously with the taking of a life insurance policy application. Most people recognize the risk of serious illness caused by the named diseases, and the significant possibility of needing this coverage during their lifetime.

Please look at Mutual of Omaha's Critical Illness Insurance Brochure;
here is the link:

 Critical Illness Brochure

To obtain marketing materials, application forms, and an application to become a Mutual of Omaha agent, please contact:

Priscilla Li
Vice President
Cover Agency, Ltd. / Greenpoint Agency, Inc. group

Email: priscillali@greenpointagency.info

Direct: (347) 886 - 9778

Office: (718) 591 - 2400


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