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Inland Marine Insurance  and

Ocean Marine Insurance

Definition: A. For the owner of the goods, Insurance Protection Against Financial Loss, due to loss or damage,  when a shipment of goods is going from one location to another. Goods can be insured while being transported by Ocean, Air, Train, Truck etc. Shipments can be international( incorporating both ocean marine and inland marine coverages or just ocean marine coverages). Inland marine shipments can be solely domestic.

Cover Agency Ltd. can also package the marine shipping insurance with protection for the goods while they are temporarily in the warehouse.

Marine insurance can begin at whatever point the insured becomes the owner of the shipment, and has an “insurable interest” in the goods being transported.

B. Most forms of Equipment can obtain comprehensive insurance coverage usings inland

marine insurance coverage. This includes heavy duty contractors equipment.

All Risk forms of Ocean Marine and Inland Marine Insurance are frequently available.


1. A wholesaler in Chicago, Illinois, is shipping $2,000,000 in his products to a retail store in Atlanta, Georgia. Wholesaler wants coverage until delivery at the buyer’s warehouse. Wholesaler purchases marine insurance from a broker, that is effective when wholesaler takes delivery of the goods from the manufacturer’s warehouse on a truck. The goods remain insured until they are delivered to the buyer at his Warehouse in Atlanta.  The insurance policy is an all risk policy form, protecting against almost all possible perils.

2. Importer purchases auto parts from a manufacturer in China. Importer hires a trucking company to pick up the goods, and deliver them to the port. Importer also arranges for a ship to transport the parts across the ocean, and then to truck them to importers warehouse. This entire shipment may be eligible for marine insurance for its entire trip, even for insurance coverage when it is stored in the Importer’s warehouse, waiting for pickup. Note that the auto parts would not be insured until they are first delivered to the trucking company in China. The parts are not insured while owned by the manufacturer.

We can provide rapid binding of Ocean and Inland Marine Insurance, frequently using an automated system to obtain coverage needed by our brokers, for most Ocean and Inland Marine Risks. Please contact Priscilla Li  for additional information at:

Cover Agency, Ltd / Greenpoint Agency, Inc. group

Priscilla Li

Vice President

Email:   Priscilla Li, Vice President

Direct: 347-886-9778

Office: 718-591-2400

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